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Kathleen Enriquez


Kathleen Enriquez is a Filipino-American composer based in Orlando, Florida. Born and raised in the Philippines, she grew up with the musical inclinations of a stereotypical Filipino (as the joke goes, they're all born with a karaoke machine on hand.) Growing up below the poverty line, she used stories in the form of novels and films to escape to different worlds other than her own. Later in life, she combined both her passions for music and stories, and pursued a career as a film and tv composer. 

She is a three-time best music nominee for various Orlando Independent Film Group challenges, and in 2021, her score for the short film “ISOLATED” won best music in the horror category during the group’s Chaos Challenge. A song she wrote in collaboration with producer Colormind  titled “Should’ve Said Goodbye” garnered 5 stars and was a semi-finalist in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest.

Today, Kathleen continues to hone her unique voice as a composer by writing music for and collaborating with local filmmakers and producers in the Orlando area. She is versatile and can compose in many genres such as epic action, action-adventure, drama, and comedy, but she specializes in exploring modern approaches to scoring thriller, tension, horror, and psychological horror films.